Member Profiles - Rotary Club of Western Endeavour


R. Laurie DENDER


Laurie is a founding member of the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour having joined the club in 2002.  He has held the positions of Membership Director and President during this time.

In 2003 our club was awarded a grant by Rotary International to investigate setting up and supporting a village in Cambodia.  As such Laurie joined with a team of 3 Rotarians to undertake a reconnaissance mission to Cambodia.  Unfortunately due to the lack of a local Rotary club near the village to assist with local knowledge and communications, the recommendation after much deliberation and attempts at developing the village with water bores and bore water testing, was to curtail our involvement.

He also developed, promoted and currently maintains the club web system which has been used by the club since 2005.  Other Rotary clubs also use this system and have significantly contributed to the financial support of our club through it.  Our District also was a user of the system for some years.  During this time of District use, Laurie developed and set up the District system, and acted as Webmaster and Bulletin Editor for many years to initiate, promote and grow the web systems throughout the District.  As a consequence of this work Laurie was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow by both our club and District.

Laurie's family has also supported many overseas youth exchange students over the years from France, Brazil, Finland and Germany.

He enjoys the many and varied areas of service of Rotary which supports and encourages the growth of community, youth and underprivileged.



Civil Engineering B.E. (Honours) - University of Western Australia
Member, Institution of Engineers, Australia
Member Concrete Institute
Registered Builder with Builders Registration Board (WA)
Structural Engineering: 
Process Plant Equipment Structures
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) inc. Advanced dynamic analysis
Large Industrial and Warehouse Buildings
Water, wastewater and hazardous waste structures 
Multistorey Commercial, Municipal and Institutional Buildings
Demolition design and supervision
Fabric Structures
CAD use and management
Computer systems management
Civil Engineering:
Siteworks/roadworks/drainage/pipeline routing/ponds
Flexible pavements
Since retiring in late 2017, Laurie currently acts part time to assist in mentoring and providing advice to engineers undertaking complex projects.  He primarily works with WGA, especially with his expertise in demolition.
            1992 - 2017 (Retirement)
            Principal Structural Engineer
Laurie Dender manages the structural engineering division of Proteus carrying out marketing, proposals, client liaison, project design management, preliminary design, design review, design, design checking and resourcing of structural engineering and drafting personnel.
He concurrently also manages the Proteus computer systems which includes supervision of two systems personnel. This area of responsibility includes the development of the engineering, CAD and general office systems as well as document control, quality systems and server electronic file management.
Laurie is responsible for the management of a team of eight civil/structural engineers involved in the design and documentation of various mining projects. He has taken direct responsibility for the preparation of contract documents related to concrete and steelwork design for mining, mineral processing, and oil and gas structures. These include the following projects:
Mineral Processing Plant Facilities – Structural and Civil
·       Bunbury Port Concentrate Storage Facility – Project managing facility from concept to commissioning.
·       Thor Project – Overseeing the civil, structural and concrete preliminary capital cost estimates
·       Gunson Project – overseeing the design of the 50km access road from the Brand Highway to site.
·       Straits Hillgrove Project – Overseeing the civil, structural and concrete design of this antimony plant
·       BHPB Cliffs Nickel Project – overseeing the civil design of plant and access roads, and site drainage
·       Argyle Diamond Mines – Underground Project - Plant area civil works, multi-plate tunnel for portal, and site services
·       Toka Tindung Gold Plant - overseeing the design of the complete gold plant.
·       Ravensthorpe JV – Limestone Plant – overseeing design of plant structures
·       KCGM-Fimiston – Armco loadout tunnel structural deformation report
·       Argyle Diamond Mines – Site-wide plant structures – defects report
·       Worsley Precipitator Upgrade – design of all platforms and desilication tank
·       Minara – Geho Project – design of the pump concrete foundations and structural steelwork
·       Argyle Diamond Mine – Portal civil works
·       WMC- Kambalda Durkin road modifications
·       WMC- St Ives Causeway upgrade
·       WMC- St Ives Workshop and Washdown facility upgrade
·       WMC-LNO – Headframe – Structural analysis of skip guides
·       WMC-LNO – Level 11 underground gantry crane supports and skip rail support system.
·       WMC-LNO – Underground rockbreaker
·       WMC-MKO – Armco Loadout tunnel structural analysis and remediation report
·       Birla Nifty – Village upgrade – project management of civil, mechanical and electrical work for relocation of Windimurra village to Nifty
·       Coogee Chemicals – Pasminco Century Zinc Project – civil, concrete, structural steelwork and tank design of chemical storage facilities
·       Coogee Chemicals – BHP Cannington Project - civil, concrete, structural steelwork and tank design of chemical storage facilities
·       Marandoo Iron Ore Plant - design of conveyors, chutes, screen building, load out bins and primary and secondary crushing stations. Work included FE dynamic design of the primary and secondary crushing structures (concrete and steel).
·       Hamersley Iron – Tom Price Facility – corrosion and structural defects review of the conveyor load out tunnel.
·       Hamersley Iron - Dampier Port Upgrade - Preliminary design of additional stockpiles, stackers, reclaimers, shiploader, transfer stations and conveyors.
·       BHP-DRI project -design of concrete mill foundations, rejects bin, jigs plant building connections pipe and cable tray rack structures. Design checking of a number of the structural steel buildings undertaken by BHP.
·       BHP-DRI Boodarie conveyor system - design overview of the structural design undertaken by Fluor Daniel.
·       PT Indo Muro - Emergency hopper upgrade.
·       Big Bell Gold Mine – Tender design for vertical shaft escape ladder system
·       Compact Steel - Steel Making Plant Building - preliminary design for costing. Preliminary design of all bridges and culverts for road and rail bridge crossings.
·       Worsley Alumina Boddington – CV01 and CV06 conveyor structural audit.
·       Worsley Alumina – Train loadout facility.
·       Worsley Alumina – Platform underslung from precipitators.
·       Worsley Alumina – Seed Thickener tank – Feed well modifications.
·       Worsley Alumina – Seed Thickener Overflow Standpipe modifications.
·       Worsley Alumina Pipehead Dam pontoon and bridge.
·       WMC- LNO - Leonora Rail Loadout facility upgrade
·       Iluka South Concentrator corrosion study.
·       WMC-KNS – Slag granulator area corrosion study.
·       Alcoa - Wagerup Unit 3 expansion - the RFA design on the - precipitator platforms and filter building.
·       WMC Kambalda Nickel Plant - Flotation structure - project management and coordination of the design and documentation.
·       Coogee Chemicals Century Zinc Reagent facility – overseeing the design of the complete reagents facility.
·       WMC-KNS – Slag handling facility, associated conveyor and bin modifications and adjacent converter aisle design and design checking.
·       TiWest Plant Expansion at Kwinana - overview of the structural design.
·       Ewington Coal Process Plant - Two 2000T coal storage and load out bins.
·       Worsley Alumina Fly Ash Pit upgrade and Workshop gantry crane upgrade.
Oil and Gas
·       Woodside – Firestation – design check for increased blast resistance of existing firestation and design of new firestation
·       Woodside – Karratha LNG Plant – MCF Inlec upgrade to Blast Resistence Capacity
·       Woodside - Karratha Heliport building.
·       Woodside Karratha - LNG Plant - Maintenance Crew and Inlec buildings (blast resilient requiring dynamic analysis).
·       Vicksburg deck skids check for Novus West Australia.
·       Wandoo topside structure - centre of gravity analysis – Ampol Australia
Finite Element Analysis – Cosmos/m

 Stress Analysis


  • HI - FEA on the Parker Point ship loader to assess local stress concentrations.
  • GMC - Three Mile Hill steel fine ore bin - FE design and recommendations for wear.
  • Forrestania Nickel Project - Primary crushing concrete bin - FE analysis to assess options to remedy wear due to ore draw down on the inside of the bin.
  • HI - Dampier - Dolphin structure - FE analysis of pile cap and pile sleeve system.
  • Alcoa - Amphiroll Scroll Machine Drive assembly - finite element analysis.
  • Woodside - Cryogenic Insulation on pipes with liquid nitrogen - thermal stress analysis.
Advanced Structural Dynamics - Vibration Analysis
  • Gidgee Gold Mine - Crusher vibration analysis.
  • Mouteh Gold Crushing Plant building vibration analysis.
  • Fimiston Sag mill - dynamic design audit.
  • Paddington gold mine - dynamic design audit for ball mills foundation.
  • WMC - Kambalda Nickel Plant AG mill foundation - FE Dynamic Audit.
  • KCGM ball mill - FE Audit of the mill foundation for a projected speed increase of the mill.
·       Geelong concrete stacks – design of preparation cuts of concrete stacks in readiness for blast felling
·       Robe Pellet Plant – demolition by controlled collapse of all bins, conveyors and mill building
·       BHP Newcastle – demolition by controlled collapse of all site buildings, stacks, furnaces and stoves
·       HI Tom Price – demolition by controlled collapse of stockpile stacker
·       Reserve Bank building - demolition advice on the 20 storey building
·       Fremantle Port Authority - 35T wharf crane
·       BHP Kwinana - demolition advice for steelworks stacks and buildings.
·       South Fremantle Power Station - demolition of a 60 m Microwave Tower by felling.
·       HI Sampling Station Building - demolition felling of a 6 storey building.
·       HI Tom Price – Felling of a 20m x 120m x 16m Screen building and 15m x 20m x 25m Beneficiation building.
·       BankWest in Barrack Street Perth - demolition of a reinforced and prestressed concrete building.
            1989 - 1992
            Senior Structural Engineer
Designing, co-ordinating and project managing design staff for a variety of projects. Developed and administrated existing 3Com local area network in the role of technology co-ordinator.
Projects undertaken include a prestressed concrete slab shopping complex, precipitator tanks for bauxite processing; waste treatment facility; large industrial warehouse buildings associated with a sawmill, as well as minor municipal, residential and commercial projects
            1987 - 1989
            Senior Project Engineer
Responsible for the design and construction supervision of a number of large projects in San Francisco and Seattle area related to the environmental engineering field. These projects included, intake facilities, sedimentation basins, washwater basins, pump stations, chlorine contact basins, dissipation structures, oxidation towers, generator, transformer and switchboard buildings, steel tanks, ocean and river outfalls and pipelines with associated civil works such as roads, storm drainage, and parking areas.
Skills and knowledge required for the above projects included the effects of seismic action, high groundwater, corrosion on concrete, ocean wave action, vibration from machinery, and movements due to expansive clays; computer aided modelling, design and software development; management and development of CAD; project management and client liaison.
            1984 - 1987
            Senior Structural Engineer
Leeuwin Shell with performance by the WA Symphony Orchestra.
Involved in the business management and promotion of this small business as well as preparing design documents and conducting construction supervision of a variety of projects throughout the state of Western Australia. Projects as listed below required knowledge of reinforced, precast and prestressed concrete, steel (heavy and light gauge), timber, aluminium, and rammed-earth technology. A variety of site conditions from expansive clays to loose sands were encountered with cyclonic wind design to the north of the state.
-           8 storey concrete frame hotel complex - Ascot Inn                      
-           6 storey prestressed concrete parking structure - Kings Car Park
-           Aluminium frame for the Leeuwin Sound shell
-           Municipal buildings (hospitals, schools, etc)
-           Custom high class residential buildings
            1976 - 1984
            Structural Engineer
QEII Medical Centre - J Block - design and supervision of construction.
Prepared contract documents, supervised construction and checked private consultant work for a wide variety of projects throughout the state of Western Australia. The projects varied in size from multimillion dollar hospital complexes to schools, public amenities and police buildings.
During this period, managed the co-ordination of design on the latter stages of the eight storey prestressed concrete framed QEII Medical Centre. Co-ordination with a project management construction team was a critical consideration. Designed and supervised construction on QEII Waste Treatment Facility and alterations to the Plant Control facilities, QEII J-Block and numerous on site ancillary structures such as pedestrian and traffic bridges. Mr Dender was selected as a member of a committee commenting on draft changes to the forthcoming Standards Association of Australia concrete limit state design code.
Experience associated with the management of these projects included steel timber and concrete framed construction; concrete tunnel construction below water table level; control buildings for housing boilers, generators (emergency power) and electrical equipment; elevated steel tanks; cooling towers; plantrooms; steel bridge enclosures between buildings; large scale waste incineration plant; exhaust stacks; food processing and storage facilities, and a hydrotherapy pool complex.